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Construction Engineering


Planning Phase

Starting a building project from scratch is a difficult task, but we are here to guide you on each step. If you are planning a project, let our experts make it successful with Total Integrated Panel System (TIPS). If you already planned everything, we can work with your architect and engineer to accelerate the proficiency of the panel, for getting maximum benefits with reduced waste.

 In the case of having no team for your plans, we have several architects and engineers that have worked extensively with the panel system and they would be willing to discuss your project efficiently.  If you are an architect or engineer that is interested in learning more about the panel, we frequently educate professionals. We would love to offer cutting-edge services for your project, leverage with technological advancements. Contact Us now, and get an unforgettable building experience that doesn’t become a burden on your pocket.


Building Phase

In addition to designs, we can assist you in a variety of ways during the building process. If you are in need of someone to build your project, we have a Preferred Builder program full of experienced people, who have worked with the panel previously and know how to use it appropriately. If you are a builder who hasn’t worked with the panel in the past, but would like to learn, we would be happy to teach you the tricks that will make your first project a milestone. The panel system is very easy to use, as it doesn’t require extensive training.

 The principles stay the same, the parts just change a little.

Basic Introduction to Panel Construction

Examples of Shotcrete
Application and Cutting

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