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Stand & Shoot

Welcome To Total Integrated Panel Systems

At Total Integrated Panel Systems (TIPS) we provide a more durable, more environmentally friendly, more cost effective building material, that can be used to improve almost any construction project. TIPS has been engineered with proprietary technology that consists of an insulative EPS foam core set between steel wire welded mesh fabric. Steel truss wires connect to the mesh fabric through the EPS in a pyramidal fashion. Concrete is applied over the steel using shotcrete. If desired during concrete application, carving or stamps can be used to create the appearance of stone, wood, block, brick, drywall, or almost any pattern imaginable. This precise design provides unparalleled strength, insulation, fire resistance, and sound reduction, while not limiting the aesthetic choices available to the builder.

While our construction material may appear new to you, it has been available in other parts of the world for decades. When our TIPS team first encountered this building material it seemed to good to be true. We asked ourselves how something could provide so many structural and insulative advantages without being more well known? We put the claims to the test, and our team of builders, developers, and engineers found them to all be true! Because of this, we couldn’t wait to bring a manufacturing line to the Western US to share this technology with everyone who wants the benefits of the best construction materials. This building process has been perfected on job sites around the world, and has now been fine tuned so that you can rapidly build anything in a way that is more cost effective and structurally sound than virtually any alternative.

Proud to be manufactured in and made from materials produced in the USA
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