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Engineering Details

The Total Integrated Panel System (TIPS) can be used to create insulated panels that are 100% composite. This means that even though we replace 4 inches of concrete with insulating EPS, TIPS maintains the structural strength of a solid concrete panel. This was tested through the SMASH lab at Utah State University and verified through testing performed by the Tilt-up Concrete Association at the University of Nebraska. TIPS has also been certified as fully composite by IAPMO. The unparalleled strength of the pyramids within the wire cage in TIPS are what allows all this to happen. The full reports are available in the links below. Following the links, there are statements regarding our seismic and thermal properties, as well as a few examples demonstrating embeds/inserts.

TIPS TCA Report Summary
TILT-UP Engineering Details
Statement on Seismic and Thermal Properties

TIPS has been certified by the International Code Council through IAPMO for structural construction in all seismic zones A – F, with no limitations. As stated in IAPMO report ER-0593 section, TIPS complies to IBC requirements for seismic design, and in ACI 318 Chapter 18. All seismic design details applicable to structural concrete apply to TIPS using a seismic value of R3.5

A material evaluation of the 4 inches of expanded polystyrene insulation and concrete used in TIPS construction provides an R value that exceeds the energy code. The thermal mass of the concrete provides an added benefit by slowing heat transfer through the wall, which flattens out temperature swings. Used in conjunction with ASHRAE 90.1, a buildings thermal performance can drastically increase by using TIPS.

Examples of Tilt-up Embeds/Inserts

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