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Total Integrated Panel Systems

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TIPS acts as the primary structural and insulating member in conventional tilt-up construction. Despite their insulated core, our 100% composite TIPS panels maintain the same strength as solid concrete panels. This allows insulated TIPS walls to utilize fewer materials, lower cost, and significantly reduce carbon footprint when compared to legacy tilt-up methods. TIPS is becoming the must have for new tilt-up projects.

TIPS sets 4′′ of expanded polystyrene between 2 layers of welded wire mesh fabric. These are then joined together by diagonal truss wires. Because of the extreme strength of this pyramidal system, TIPS walls can be built with as little as 5′′ of total concrete in a 9′′ insulated tilt-up panel. The system reduces the amount of added rebar by 50-90% and concrete material by 30-50%, depending on the panel design. This reduction in materials, along with the incredible strength of our system, creates a panel that is up to 50% lighter and much easier to work with on lift day.



Fully composite TIPS panel is a structural element.
Reduce concrete by up to 50%.
Reduce rebar by up to 90%.
Reduce finished wall weight by 50%.
Reduce embodied and operational carbon impact.
Openings are prefabricated.
EPS insulation fully integrated (pre-connected).
Opportunity to reduce footing sizing given lighter wall.
Easily achieve, or exceed energy envelope compliance requirements.


Stand & Shoot

At TIPS we provide a more durable, more environmentally friendly, more cost-effective building material that can be used to improve the construction of single family/multi-family housing, pools, sound walls, retention walls, and more. TIPS is engineered with proprietary technology that consists of an insulative EPS foam core set between steel wire welded mesh fabric. Steel truss wires connect to the mesh fabric through the EPS in a pyramidal fashion, creating the strongest, most versatile SCIP (structural concrete insulated panel) on the market. Concrete is applied over the steel using shotcrete or gunite.

During concrete application, carving or stamps can be used to create the appearance of stone, wood, block, brick, drywall, or almost any pattern imaginable. Our decades of experience in the SCIP industry have given us the insider knowledge that will assure your project will be the standard for efficiency, aesthetic appeal, and on time delivery. If you are looking for the best in strength, insulation, fire resistance, and sound reduction, while not limiting the aesthetic choices available to the builder, TIPS should be your final choice.

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