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At Total Integrated Panel Systems (TIPS) we have developed a technology that acts as the primary structural and insulating member in conventional tilt-up construction.

TIPS sets 4″ of expanded polystyrene between 2 layers of welded wire mesh fabric. These are then joined together by diagonal truss wires. Because of the extreme strength of this pyramidal system, TIPS walls can be built with as little as 5″ of total concrete in a 9″ insulated tilt-up panel. The system reduces the amount of added rebar by 50-80% and concrete material by 30-50%, depending on the panel design. This drastic reduction in materials, along with the incredible strength of our system, creates a panel that is up to 50% lighter and easier to work with than traditional tilt-up methods.​

A material evaluation of the 4 inches of expanded polystyrene insulation and both wythes of concrete used in TIPS construction provides an R-value that exceeds the current energy code and the R-value of sandwich tilt-up walls that typically utilize 2 inches of insulation.

The reduction of materials and labor achieved by using TIPS means that walls will be stronger, lighter, and less expensive than when using traditional methods. Please look below to see videos containing more information about TIPS (more videos available on our ​YouTube channel) and view the links above for engineering details, engineering comparisons, and examples of projects.

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